Virtual Easter Trail 2021

We want everyone to enjoy our Easter Trail whilst they are out and about, but we know some people wont be able to get out and see the stations so we have this virtual Easter Trail just for you.

We also know not everyone can access the QR code Videos, and so we wanted to provided another way to experience these fine performances!!

1. Palm Day

Pilate – Sunday – Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, a symbol of peace. The crowds with him were excited, they laid down their coats and waved branches in the air. The temple leaders were worried, and so were the Romans.

2. Pigeon Day

Terry – Monday – Jesus found animal sellers in the temple courts where people should have been praying. So he turned over the tables and chased out the animals.

3. Perfume Day 

Mary Magdalene – Wednesday – Jesus was eating a meal at a friend’s house when his friend Mary came in and poured perfume, that cost a lot of money, all over his feet.

4. Pedicure Day 

Peter – Thursday – Jesus was having a meal with his friends, he explained it was the last meal he would have with them, and then he got down on his knees and began washing their feet. He said his friends should serve others in the same way too.

5. Passover Day

Judas – Thursday – Jesus had his last meal with his friends whilst celebrating the Passover meal – this was a meal to commemorate the Israelites being rescued by God, from slavery in Egypt, hundreds of years before.

6. Painful Day

Mary (Jesus’ mother) – On Friday, after Jesus had been betrayed by Judas, Jesus was arrested and hung on a cross. His friends had run away but a few stayed nearby including John and Jesus’ mother Mary.

7. Prayerful Day

Mark – On Saturday all of Jesus’ friends were hiding in case they might be arrested too. They were praying together and wondering what was going to happen next, now that Jesus had gone.

8. Promised Day

Angelina and Angel Delight! – On Sunday the women came to the tomb to put spices and ointment on Jesus dead body, but when they arrived the tomb was empty. Then Mary saw Jesus – He was alive! They went to tell the others.

Thank you to everyone involved, you were brilliant👍

We hope you all enjoyed our Virtual Trail.

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🐣Happy Easter!🐣

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