Death is, sadly, a part of life. We have all lost someone we have loved and we will all one day depart this life.  The Christian hope is in the resurrection bought for all believers by the death and rising to life of Jesus.

At St Mary’s we would be honoured to walk alongside you in this difficult time and pray for you.  Funeral services at St Mary’s are possible for anyone with a connection to the Church or village. However all funerals must be organised through one of our many dedicated and professional local Funeral Directors who will make contact with St Mary’s on your behalf.


Although the Churchyard is closed there is plenty of space to do burials in Row Park Cemetery which is adjacent to the Churchyard. The civil parish runs Row Park cemetery. Your Funeral Director can talk you through arranging a burial in Row Park, the minister who takes the funeral can preside over the burial in Row Park Cemetery after the service.

All other enquiries about Row Park Cemetery must be made through Lytchett Matravers Parish Council who administer the area.

Cremation and burial of ashes

Cremation services can be taken by the vicar either with a service in Church prior to or as a memorial after a service at the crematorium. Or with a service solely at the crematorium.  Please discuss these options with your funeral director

Burial of ashes can take place in the St Mary’s Churchyard ‘cremated remains area’ either with a short service or simply with a prayer and a blessing. Please discuss this with the Funeral Director who arranged the funeral.

We regret that we can only perform burial of ashes, the scattering of ashes in the Churchyard is prohibited by Church of England canon law and cannot take place in the graveyard. 

Memorial Stones

There are strict rules governing the placing of memorial stones on graves and in the cremated remains area of the Churchyard. All stones and memorials must meet the Diocesan Chancellor’s strict guidelines and have received permission given on the correct form by the vicar of St Mary’s and administered through an authorised Stone Mason.  Unfortunately unauthorised stones or memorials may have to be removed as required by the Chancellor.
Temporary wooden markers may be placed while a stone is being ordered or prepared. These can remain in situ for a maximum of six months and should be arranged with the Funeral Director or Stone Mason administering the application.

if you have any questions at all about the information on this page please contact Riette our Administrator see details on Staff details page or use our Contact page.

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