‘Prayer isn’t a technique; it’s a relationship. It’s not about trying to persuade a reluctant God to do something, or to craft a perfect set of words to win God over. It’s a friendship, with many different dimensions. ‘

‘Living faith’ material published by the Diocese of Oxford

As part of our friendship with God he encourages us to share our joys, sorrows, hopes, dreams, challenges and needs with him. The Prayer Wall below is for you to share your prayers about these things so that others can join in praying with you or for you. You can share a prayer anonymously or add your name, you can also sign up to receive updates n your prayers. This can all be anonymous, and even people mentioned in your prayers can be referenced by initials, or just a first name.

Simply click the ‘Add prayer’ button below. We typically approve prayers to be live on the wall within about 24 hours, sometimes sooner. You may also pray for someone else’s request by clicking the ‘Amen’ button under their prayer. If you have spiritual questions or would like someone to pray with you then please use our ‘contact us‘ page to get in touch

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If you’re anything like me, having time to pray and then actually spending time praying are two different things. I would like to offer some prayer resources that may be helpful to develop prayer patterns that may sustain us in our lives.

I am sure many of you will have your own prayer and bible reading patterns but you may like to try something different or add an extra discipline to draw from God’s strength and encouragement at this time.

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Prayer as Relationship

Silent Prayer

Praying with the Bible

Praying together

National Day of Reflection March 23rd 2021

Join Stephen, our Vicar, as he prays live on the National Day of Reflection March 23rd 2021. He will also be reading out the names of those with a connection to Lytchett Matravers who have died since 23rd March 2020. We recognise how difficult it has been for family and friends, unable to properly mourn, grieve or gather. We pray together:

God of Love, As we think about all that has changed this year, help us to trust that you are always with us. As we remember those who have died, help us to trust they are at peace with you. As we reach out to others with kindness and care, may hope shine out in every heart and home. Amen.