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 Bell Ringing Today

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Today, St Mary’s Church at Lytchett Matravers benefits from the beautiful sound of 6 church bells which are rung from the ground floor area of the tower.

We have a band of 15 ringers many of whom have passed their Level 1 ART (Association of Ringing Teachers) Bell Handling qualification and some have also passed Level 2,3  and Level 4. We also have 2 qualified ART Trainers.

Information about our Bells can be found on Doves Guide.
We are affiliated to the Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers (SDGR)
The History of our Bells can be found towards the end of our History page.
Toilet facilities are available.

When are the bells rung?

We are now able to ring regularly for our 9:30 Sunday services so ringing for half an hour prior the start of the service. These services are held every Sunday apart from the third Sunday which is a joint service with our Methodist Chapel. See our services page for more information. We are also able to ring for weddings when required and other special occasions.

When do we practice?

Our practice times are 5:30-7:00 on Friday.
If you are interested in coming to learn or join us at a practice please contact:

Kris Knudsen – Tower Captain
Helen Gorman – Tower Correspondent

Our Learners and how you could learn using the ART Scheme
(Association of Ringing Teachers)

We have 2 Qualified ART trainers who teach our band regularly during practice nights.
Our 15 member strong band range from having achieved Level 1 ART which means they can ring rounds to Level 5 ART ringing methods and Quarter Peals.

Quarter Peals

The current band started ringing Quarter Peals in November 2017 when Debbie rang her first. By January 2020, Viv had rung her first in 2018, Sarah rang her first in 2019, Cathy rang one in 2018 and 2 in 2019 and Debbie rang 6 in 2019 taking her total to 15. By 2023 we also had Alec and Gordon ringing Quarter Peals. Future Quarter Peals can be seen on the yearly events documents below. There are even some virtual QP’s! 

How We Use Our Simulator

A ringing simulator is installed and used for teaching and learning purposes.  All six bells are equipped with sensors and the system can be readily set up to operate using the dedicated laptop running Abel software.  Something the original founders and ringers of our 15th and 17th century bells would have thought impossible.

Where possible we use the simulator for any lengthy learning sessions so as not to disturb our neighbours. We also run regular monthly sessions for our ringers to practice bell control and methods.

St Mary’s would welcome any group who would like to use these facilities – it has already been used for several training sessions, The Youth Band and neighbouring towers for their learners.

The ’50 Ringing Things’ Challenge

One of the recent ART initiatives is a challenge to complete 50 things in 100 weeks.  Bronze, Silver, and Gold Certificates can be claimed for completing 15, 30, or 50 activities respectively, and if 50 things are completed within 100 weeks of registration a Gold Plus certificate can be claimed.

For anyone who likes a challenge, or just needs something to motivate or maintain their interest, then this scheme can do just that.  It can encourage you, whatever your age, to experience a wide range of ringing activities.  You will meet and engage with more experienced ringers which will benefit your own ringing and confidence.  Participants will also gain an insight into the variety of different aspects of ringing and its culture.

Some of our band have started or completed the 50 Ringing Things Challenge and this has really opened our eyes to the many different aspects of ringing, apart from just turning up to practice once a week.  In 2020/2021 some of us branched into the new 50 Virtual Ringing things too.

Ringing and Social Events Throughout the years

Bellringing 2023
Bellringing 2022
Bellringing 2021
Bellringing 2020
Bellringing 2019
Bellringing 2018
Bellringing 2017

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