Giving and Stewardship

At St Mary’s we recognise that God has blessed us to be a blessing to others. In order to sustain our worship and ministry, we rely on the generous contributions of time, talents and money from all those who are part of the church.

Giving back

Stewardship starts with recognising that all we have comes from God, and that we are responsible for using our resources wisely and prayerfully.

What does the Bible say about giving?

• It is the attitude with which we give that’s important, not the amount – God looks at our heart. (Luke 21 1:4)

• When we give we are only able to do so because God has provided for us. (1 Corinthians 29:14)

• Giving responds to a generous God. (Psalm 145)

Time and Talents

If you have particular talents or some time to give towards the church please speak to our Vicar Stephen, Churchwardens Ann or Elizabeth or one of our PCC members about how you could be part of one of our many teams that enable St Mary’s to be a Worshipping Community that is very much alive.

General Fund

The financial assets of the church are split into a General Fund and a Restricted fund. The day-to-day running of our church relies on the General Fund. Over recent years due to increasing costs and a relative decrease in our giving our General Fund has been ‘propped up’ by our wonderful fundraising along with income from the parish magazine. At the same time we have been amazed at the generous giving towards our restricted fund which has enabled us to begin reordering and restoring our church – find out more here.

Our General fund is generated by donations, through Sunday collections, standing order and one-off donations.

If you want to give towards our General fund and towards the day-to-day running of our church then you can do so in a number of ways:

Bank transfer is the easiest for many, our details are:

General Fund:  Sort Code is 40 52 40    Account Number 00013416

Restricted Fund: Sort Code is 40 52 40    Account Number 00029991

Standing Order – this is a way of getting your Bank/Building Society to give to the church regularly from your account. This needs to be done through your bank by internet or telephone using the bank details above.

Or use one these forms:

Gift Aid – this is free money from the government if you are a taxpayer (either income or capital gains).

If you give using cash/ cheque, standing order or the envelope scheme, we recommend that you use the Gift Aid Scheme. Once you have completed a Gift Aid Declaration form (attached) your gifts will effectively be increased by 25%. This additional amount is given by the HMRC directly to the church. There is no added cost to you above what you have agreed. All taxpayers are included, regardless of the rate of tax at which they are taxed. Please print out, fill in and return the Gift Aid form to Roger the Treasurer, Stephen the Vicar, or one of the sidespeople at Church.

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