PCC meet retired Vicar Rob Richards

This week the PCC had the privilege of sharing a very special evening having a meal together and starting discussions about how we go about finding a new Vicar for our Church in Lytchett Matravers. We were led in this by a retired vicar Rob Richards from Wareham. We all found it a very positive experience but also challenging, as change can be daunting. We pray that we will address the needs of the Parish to the best of our ability and respect each other and the different ways we wish to worship. We hope you all will feel able to share your thoughts with any of the PCC as we strive to represent you.

We will be giving out a questionnaire next week to ask what you think is good about St Marys and what you believe is really important for you.


Although change can be daunting and some people find it hard going outside their comfort zone I truly believe if one embraces the changes, the’ fear emotion’ changes to ‘excited emotion ‘and in fact they don’t feel so different. Ian shared that he is already excited which is great and I am too.  There is a fantastic book called “Who moved my cheese ‘ a very quick read and fantastic approach to change, I expect many of you will have come across it.

We have a great group in the PCC with very different experiences of life and a trust developing between us that is very precious.  The respect for each other and the different ways we wish to worship is a great platform to take out to the wider congregation and our community. In looking for our new leader, this I believe is an absolute priority. We cannot expect any new vicar to be the perfect person for each and everyone, but someone who believes in this principle for me, is a must.

Are there toxins to shed in our leaves? …. I believe we as a church community we have been shedding some in the last year or so and if we remain honest and open we will continue to do so. The concept of saying nothing unkind or negative or critical will help enormously with this. I really pray that I will try to turn around any negative critical comments I receive from others whom I may meet.

From (Anne)

The one thing that struck me was the concept of the PCC being the heart of the church and the church being the heart of the village, with the responsibility that this implies also towards our neighbours who are not part of the Chistian community. But then, God says He is the God of ALL people (Jer 32:27) before adding that nothing is too hard for Him, so I guess it is important to remember that this is exactly true! The other verse I have been thinking about a lot is Esther 4:14 where Mordechai persuades her that she has been specifically placed by God in a partficular place at a particular time in order to help change the course of history… each of us has also been chosen by God for this time and place to play a part of His purposes in history. Quite a thought!

From (Riette)


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