Walk 8.  Walking around the periphery of Lytchett         – Hard

This walk links several of the other  routes so that you can, more or less, ‘circumnavigate’ the village! It takes in Lytchett Minster and back, across to the lane above Morden and back, part of the Combe Almer walk and back through the Jubilee path. 

Start the walk at the Rose and Crown Pub. 

With the Pub on your right  walk down Huntick Road away from the village until you reach  Foxhills  Road on your right.  Just into and across Foxhills Road, locate the footpath on your left . Follow this along it’s length until it meets a junction with another bridleway. Turn left onto this, and follow it round to  the road at Post Green. Turn right onto the road, and where two roads fork, take the left hand fork ( ignoring the school road on your immediate left), going straight on until the road meets the main road through Lytchett Minster, opposite the St Peters Finger Pub . Turn left, and just past Lytchett Minster Church, look for the signed footpath to the left. Cross the stile and then walk over the field to the next stile. After crossing this, turn right onto the road and retrace your steps through Post Green until the bridleway goes off ahead of you as the road bends to the right. Follow the Bridleway, this time  walk along it’s  full length, ignoring the path to the right half way along. 

On reaching Foxhills Road, turn right and keep on this road until you reach Deans Drove on your left. Turn left into the Drove ,  walking down and then up hill to the junction with Wareham Rd. Turn left onto Wareham Road and keep going until you reach the speed limit signs. Cross carefully and take Halls Rd on your right, following this to the Junction just beyond the Pumping Station. Turn right here into Middle Road, and then, a short way along, left into Eddy Green Rd.  Continue uphill, and shortly after a turning to the right (Bartoms  Hill), look for a bridleway to the left (Gypsy Lane). Follow this bridleway through to the road at Dolmans Hill and, crossing straight over the road, cross the stile and walk along the footpath over several stiles and keeping close to the hedge on your left until you enter some woodland. You will meet another stile. Cross this and continue straight ahead where two paths meet.  Eventually, the path reaches a short ‘green lane’ to the left. Walk along this, and then turn right onto the tarmac road .

 ( NB – if  refreshment is required it is possible to make a diversion  straight ahead to eventually reach the Cock and Bottle pub. See OS Map)

Having turned right onto the tarmac road from the green lane, continue until it turns sharply to the left, and take the footpath signposted to your right. Follow this along to a stile. Cross this, and take the track down and then uphill  and veering to the left and then right into woodland. The path skirts  to the left of the wood , with open field views to your left, eventually emerging onto a gravel track. Turn left here and walk straight ahead, ignoring all paths to your right, down a steepish slope on a narrow path to a stile. Cross this into a field, and proceed with the hedge to your right. Cross another stile. This time, the hedge will be to the left and you will have a good view of the St Marys’s Church.  At the next stile you reach a road. Cross this, and take the narrow lane directly opposite. Walk along this for some way until it turns sharp left. At this point, pick up the bridleway immediately ahead of you and walk it’s length until you reach the road end at Coombe Almer Farm. The footpath carries on through the farm gate on your right and crosses the field, up the hill to another gate. Go through this and walk to your left, along the fence line to where the path goes through another gate and into woodland. Keep going straight ahead and the path will eventually  reach another road ( Sandy Lane). Walk ahead onto this lane, and at the next crossroads, go straight on , passing the English Oak Vineyard  at Flowers Farm on your right. Where the road  bends to the right, pass through the kissing gate ahead of you and walk up the field keeping the hedge on your right, to a stile. Cross this, and proceed to the next stile straight ahead. You have now reached Wimborne Rd. Turn left for a few steps, and then cross  the road and pick up the clearly signed footpath which takes you back to Huntick Rd. When you reach the road, turn right , crossing where the pavement starts on the other side. Follow the road back to the Rose and Crown Pub.

Distance and steps: not given – so you can adapt for yourself!