Walk 7  To Woodbury Hill for the Fair……..This is reproduced, with some ‘editing’ from the 1986 book Lytchett Matravers Countryside walks. It is approx 13.5 miles – and could probably be classed as a day out!. From where the walk ‘turns round’ there is the chance to carry on a short way down into Bere Regis for a pub lunch, but perhaps the better plan is to take a picnic to eat on Woodbury Hill! Here you can imagine the fair taking place during the last week in September right up to the 1930s, and consider that some of the good folk of Lytchett would think nothing of walking this far for a day out! It would be a good idea to have the OS map with you for this one.

Start at the Village Hall. Leave it on your left and walk up the High St, going straight ahead at the War Memorial cross roads. Pass the Chequers Inn and turn left into Jennys Lane.  Pass the first turning on your right (Peaton’s Lane) and then, almost immediately,  turn right onto Dolman’s Hill. Where the road turns sharply to the left, enter the footpath on your right and after a few steps, look for another footpath over a stile on your left. The waymarked path crosses two fields and leads down to a track through woodland.  When you reach another field go ahead across this towards a stile on the far side. Cross this, and walk ahead on the Green Lane until you reach a tarmac road. Turn right on to this, and keep on until the road turns sharp left and down into the village of Morden. Pass the Church and continue to where the road divides at a War Memorial . Follow the road to the right  and at the crossroads go straight over towards West  Morden. 

Continue along the lane and, ignoring a turning on the right, go round the corner to the left, reaching another junction. Here turn right, past the houses and buildings, and walk on uphill and around the bend. 

Ahead is West  Morden Farm with a bridleway beside it on the left. Walk up the track with the farm buildings to your right, to where the bridleways meet. The view here is magnificent – across the fields to Winterborne Kingston.  Turn left, and walk down beside the wood and through the gate at the end of the track. Cross the field diagonally to the right  to the hunting gate. Cross the next field  and pass through another gate and down the track. On old maps this is called Morden Lane. This track may be difficult to negotiate following heavy rain. 

The track leads uphill past two oak trees to emerge on to a road.  Cross over to the bridleway ahead ( the signpost is in the hedge on the right) and follow the track out to the next road at Newport.  Turn left , past the farm and cottages on the right, and walk up the hill to the road junction – a ‘splayed’ crossroads. Turn right on to a road marked as a ‘no through road’  and continue on, passing the Old Post office to the left, and the Church on the right.  At the end of the lane you reach a gate into a field. Cross this and enter the woods through another gate.

Follow the track through the woods, passing several ‘cross tracks’ and eventually reach a five point crossway . Take the second track on the left which leads uphill to a wonderful view to the left. Then walk on to Woodbury Hill. 

At the hill fort, the bridleway continues immediately ahead across the track. Go through the gate and continue alongside the grassy escarpment.

The path leads towards the right, down beside a wood and through the trees to a narrow lane. Turn left, and almost a hundred yards along is a footpath into the trees- again on the left. This is a steep path with steps into the bank, most probably one of the lower ramparts of the hill fort. 

Climb out of the trees and up ahead is a gateway  with a lone pine tree. At the gate into the hill fort, turn back and look down into the village of Bere Regis. 

Go up through the gate. The fairground is all around.  Woodbury Hill farm is now ahead, so cross the ancient fairground diagonally to the left of the farmhouse, to the three pole gate in the distant corner. Through the gate, turn left, away from the farm and the hill fort, and then right down the grassy track again. 

When the hedges of the track give way to woodland, at the top of the slope, the view will bring a gasp of surprise.  On the horizon is Poole Harbour Entrance, with Old Harry rocks and the outline of Poole Town buildings.  Further to the right is Corfe castle amongst  the wide views of forest, hills and heath. 

Walk back to the five ways cross and take the second track to the right, retracing your steps back to Bloxworth village. 

Leaving Bloxworth Church , go ahead at the junctions, ignoring turns to the right and left, and down the tree lined road until you reach  a junction on the left signposted to Winterborne Kingston.  Turn down this deep lane passing the farm buildings on the right , and walking on up a slight hill for about 50 yards to a signposted path through a gate on your right. Walk towards the right across the field to another gate and a stile at the corner of the farm buildings, then follow the electricity poles across the field to the edge of the wood. Keeping the fence of the wood to the right all the way, cross over a stile  and jump a stream. At the end of the wood, cut across the corner to the fence and into a copse to a small stile, and then to another one.

Cross the field diagonally to the right, aiming for the right of the building and a stile. Follow the track down by a ditch to the road beside Whitefield  Farm and a telephone kiosk. 

Turn left and walk up the hill, and where the road divides, take the right hand way. Continue straight ahead at the road junction, past Hectors Corner and onward, with woodland on the left, to the modern school crossroads.  Cross over and keep the school on the right, walking down the narrow ‘Gallops Lane’, past Sellers farm on the left, to the next junction.  Here, turn left for a short distance and, opposite the house called Cedars, is a track. Walk up the track to the road at the top opposite Brickfields farm. Turn left, and walk on past Hill farm to the top of the hill .

The hard road turns to the left, and ahead is the grassy ‘green lane’. Take this lane, and just before the stile ahead, turn right onto a footpath . Follow this path downhill until it forks. Ignoring the stile to your right, walk on ahead until you reach a stile. Cross this, and walk along a short track to the road at Dolmans Hill. Turn left here, and follow the road past Old Park Farm ,  around a sharp right turn and onwards until reaching the junction with Eddy Green Road. Turn left, and ignoring Peatons Lane, keep straight on up Jennys Lane to the next Junction.  Turn right here, and walk back past the Chequers Inn , along the High St to the Village Hall.

Distance:         13.5 miles/ 21 kms                             Steps:   26,000