Walk 5. Down to the Church and on…..Moderate. 5 stiles on walk 5, and 9+ on walk 5a.

Start at the Village Hall car park.  Walk up towards the village hall and continue on  up the High St. Go straight over Middle Rd at the cross roads by the War Memorial continuing on past the Chequers Inn and Jennys Lane.  A short distance on , just past the water tower on your right, turn left through a metal gate and on to a footpath.  This is Church Path, and  in spring and early summer you can see wild daffodils in the woods on your right, closely followed by bluebells, and wood anemones and primroses on the banks either side.  Enjoy the view at a stile, but do not cross it- continue on down to your right towards  St Mary’s Church.  In late winter you can see snowdrops to your right at the bottom of the path, and in the Churchyard. 

Go through the metal gate and follow the path which goes to the left of the Church and out into the car park. Turn right here, and follow the lane out to the road. 

Turn left on to the road – be aware of traffic.  Just opposite a lane to your right   you will see a stile and footpath sign at the top of the bank on your left. Cross the stile and go straight ahead along the right of the field. Cross the next stile, now keeping to the left of the next field until you reach woodland. Cross the stile ahead of you (it can be very muddy here following heavy rain and in winter)  and  continue ahead. A gravel track goes straight ahead *, but turn left here towards a stile. Cross this, and follow the path with woodland on your right and a field on your left to the next stile. Go over the stile and turn left. The path here avoids a very muddy part of the track by going up and through the trees immediately to the left.  It then continues round to the left until reaching the end of Peatons  Lane. Walk up the lane. The fields to your left contain the ‘footprints’ of the original medieval site of Lytchett Matravers. 

At the top of Peaton’s Lane turn left onto Jennys Lane. You will eventually reach a T junction with the High Street. Turn right , and retrace your steps to the Village Hall.

Distance: 2.8 miles/4.5 kms                          Steps: 5,600

Walk 5a *Take it much  further………..          Moderate/Hard

Take the gravel track straight ahead. A little way on, there is a small opening onto a footpath on your right. Turn left on to the footpath and follow it round the edge of the wood until you meet a well defined track.  The bluebells in this wood are a glorious sight in Spring.  At the track, follow it round slightly left and then right and go straight on down a hill and then up again towards a copse of trees. Just beyond the trees you will come to a stile. Cross this, and turn left, following a footpath until you reach a road.  Turn left on to the road, and follow it until it turns sharp right. You will see a ‘green lane’ on your left. You need to take this  – but first enjoy the view of Morden and it’s Church  over the hedge on your right.  A little way along the green lane you will see a stile ahead of you. Although there is a way back to Lytchett across this, on this occasion turn right onto a footpath.  Keep on this  for some way until you meet a ’fork’ in the path. Look for a stile on your right leading you into woodland ( see note below).  Cross this  and walk ahead through the woodland , keeping fairly close to the fence and hedge on your right. The path eventually leaves the woodland and crosses several fields  and stiles until it meets the road at Dolmans Hill. Cross over the road onto the next footpath, known as Gypsy Lane. This path eventually meets Eddy  Green Road where you turn left. 

Follow this road  passing Dolmans Hill and Peatons Lane on your left until you meet a T junction with the High St.  Turn right and retrace your steps to the Village Hall.

Note: If you do not like crossing too many stiles, take the left fork here and follow the path to the road at Dolmans Hill. Now turn right and follow the road until you meet Gypsy Lane on your left as described above).

Distance:4 miles/6.25 kms                            Steps:5,600