Walk 4. On the path to Lower Lytchett.        Moderate. 4  stiles on longer route

Start this walk from the Rose and Crown Pub.  With the pub car park to your right, walk down Huntick Road, crossing a side road, until you reach Foxhills Road. Turn right onto this road. You will see a bridleway sign on the opposite side of the road. Do not take this path but continue on down the road. At the point where the road bends around to the right, cross over and keep straight on – this is still Foxhills Rd. You will keep on this road for quite a long way passing Deans Drove on your right,  until you reach a  Bridleway on your left.* Turn on to this Bridleway and follow as it winds its way down a hill and round a gentle right hand bend. Keep on and look out for a path coming in  from the left.  Turn left on to this path. ** It will go left and then right skirting a field.  Continuing  on with the field on your right and woodland on your left – walk along the  length of 2 fields.  The path rises gently until you reach a ‘dog leg’ left and then right  (this can be very muddy and water-logged  in the winter and after rain). The path eventually emerges by the junction of Foxhills and Huntick Road.  Cross over Foxhills and continue walking up Huntick until you reach the Rose and Crown.  

Distance: 2. 3 miles/ 3.5 kms                                     Steps: 4,600   

Walk 4a A longer walk exploring ‘Lower Lytchett’

Follow walk 4 to *.  Do not take the bridleway on your left but continue on until you reach the next bridleway, also on the left, and running through woodland. Where the path divides, turn left Go through the field gate and cross the field at the back of Hill Farm Buildings. Keep to the pathway to the next farm gate. Follow the way mark signs,  turning left immediately after the field gate. Follow the hedge alongside the copse and climb over the stile on the left. The path continues between two hedges and over another stile onto the road at Post Green.  

Turn right and follow the road through Post Green until the roads diverge. Take the right hand fork and continue on this road until it meets the main road through Lytchett Minster.  Turn left  and walk through the village noticing cottage and street names which identify buildings and occupations from the past!  Keep going , passing the St Peter’s Finger pub on your right and then the Minster Church on your left. You will see a footpath signed to your left running between the Church and  a car park. Take this path, cross the stile and traverse the field to another stile opposite. Once on the road, turn right. Keep going, retracing your steps through Post Green.  Go on past the footpath on your left ( which brought you to Post Green). You will see a clear track ahead of you as the road bends to the right. Go ahead on to this track and follow it round to the left, passing a solar farm on your right. A little way along, look out for a path coming in from the right. This is your path back to Lytchett.  Turn right onto it, and follow walk 4 from **.

Distance: 5 miles/8 kms                                 Steps: 10,000