Walk 3:  A road walk past cottages and a pub.         Easy/Moderate

A couple of road walks are included as they can be useful to do in wet weather,  when the footpaths may get difficult.

Starting from the village hall car park, walk towards the hall, then turn left on to the tarmac path and out onto Eldons Drove. Turn right, and then left onto Middle Road at the T junction.  Carry on walking down Middle Road  enjoying the lovely view across Poole harbour to your left.  The road bends right and then left and eventually you will reach a turning on the right – Bartoms  Lane*. If you walk in January, look out for early violets in bloom on the bank on the right  just before you reach the turning.

Turn right  and continue on up the steep hill until you meet Eddy Green Road. In February, snowdrops can be seen here. Turn right onto Eddy Green Road . The name derives from ‘Neddy Green Road’ – the place where male donkeys were kept – further on, it becomes ‘Jennys Lane’ ( at the junction with Peatons Lane )- the place for the ladies!  Keep on the road and watch out for primroses on the banks in spring. 

Continue on this road. Dolmans Hill and Peatons Lane meet it from the left**. Be careful on this dark, narrow section of the road.  Eventually you will reach a T junction. Turn right here, and walk back along the High Street passing the Chequers Inn on your right.  Keep going straight on  until you see the village hall and car park on your right.

Distance: 1.5 miles/2.4 kms                          Steps: 3000

*Walk 3a Make it bigger – taking in Dolmans Hill!   Moderate

Follow walk 3 until you reach  Bartom’s Lane. At this point, continue straight on, staying on Middle Road until you reach a T junction. Turn right onto Halls Road.  There is a wide verge here. Look out for daffodils in spring and a mile stone.  At the end of the long verge there is a small lane to the right to Quarr Farm and cottages. Do not take this, but continue on past the hedge of a house to the next right turn.  This lane  is the start of Dolmans Hill.  The road bends sharply to the right a little way along, and continues uphill for about a mile passing cottages,  farms and footpaths on both sides. Eventually, the road turns sharp right ( you will see a footpath going straight ahead). Keep on the road and up the hill.  As the road reaches the top, stand by the field gate on the right   for a moment and enjoy the beautiful view over Poole HarbourNow the road drops gently down and eventually reaches Jenny’s lane.  Turn left and continue as for walk 3 from **

Distance: 3 miles/5kms                     Steps: Approximately 6,000