For our Good Friday meditation this year, we’d like to invite you to use eight views of our Church to remind you of Jesus story to the cross. Each look has a reflection, a reading, a prayer and an activity.  Use these to help you reflect on the Good Friday story.


Stop before you enter the North Door, imagine it being the door to a prison or court room.

“Christ is condemned to death”

Reading: John 19:1-16


Sent to death by a crowd. Imagine the chaos of the scene. No jury or judge. No formalities of court. This was a court shouting for blood. Many of them may have welcomed Jesus with Palm branches the week before. Maybe Jesus just wasn’t the sort of King them wanted. How do you react?


Lord, when you were misunderstood, 

You silently forgave: 

but we so often respond in anger, 

Lord have mercy. Amen


Take a moment of silence. Offer forgiveness in your heart to anyone you need to.