The tombs are open, Jesus has risen!!

It has been traditional for many years to create an Easter Garden showing the different locations of the Easter story. We have had some lovely Easter gardens in St Mary’s Church over the last few years but this year we are taking it out to the village. In fact we would love you to get involved if you feel able. The challenge is to begin to set up a patch of earth, either in your garden or on a seed tray or other sort of tray. Then as we journey through Holy Week there will be prompts to add different features in order to engage with the story.

Ann, who has worked with others to create our St Mary’s garden over the last few years, is going to lead the way for us on a patch of ground outside her house at the corner of Landers Reach and Foxhills Drive:

Here is the preparation stage:

And Karen has started a small scale example in a tray:

I am attempting a garden at the entrance to the Rectory:

Here are some Easter Gardens at St Mary’s of the last few years: