Cindy Wood (University of Winchester) gives an illustrated talkabout

  • St Mary’s in the Medieval period
  • Medieval liturgy/services
  • Surviving evidence

Also Bell Restoration mini-exhibition

  • Bells being removed
  • The re-hanging – November 2019

Entrance – £5  01202 632858  or on the door

Refreshments available

Raising funds for the Heritage of St Mary’s Church


Listen to a rough recording of Cindy’s talk here:

Among other things, Cindy references the medieval map of Ufton which is possible to view online, also the Doom painting at St Thomas’ Salisbury which can be googled and viewed online too.

It may also be worth referencing our Church History page which describes in more detail some of the features Cindy refers to:

Access some of Cindy’s History papers about Chantry Chapels here:

Chantries and Cage Chantries

The Chantries and Chantry Chapels of St Georges Chapel Windsor Castle

The Passhe-Plummer Chantry St Georges Chapel Windsor


Cindy also has a History study book available from booksellers, called ‘Studying Late Medieval History’:

We are very grateful to Cindy coming to share her wisdom with us and to help us appreciate the history that is present in and around St Mary’s Church. There always seems to be more to learn about our amazing building and its colourful past.