Tree2A seed was sown for a fundraising activity at our Open Day in the church in May 2015.

Money doesn’t grow on trees but leaves do. Help put the leaves back on our tree before Easter 2016. For every meal raising funds for the church a date and amount will be entered onto the leaf and attached to the tree. See how the tree has blossomed at our first service back at Easter

It doesn’t matter if you are having a meal for 1 or 21; whether it is lunch, dinner, tea, garden party or a picnic; whether you ask your guests to make a donation of £2 or £20 it all adds up and will help our re-ordering project.

Let’s see what we can raise before Easter and increase our donations even more if you use the Gift Aid envelopes! (You must not specify it is a cost but donation to be able to use Gift Aid)

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