Do You Think…
…about HOME? What is home? What makes it ‘home’? What is it like to have no home, to be an exile, a refugee or ‘a homeless person’? What if the home that is meant to be a refuge is actually a hell of abuse?

What could ‘home’ be? What does home smell like? Look like? Taste like? Feel like? Sound like? Can a home grow? What is our ultimate home?

This Easter, on March 25th (Good Friday) and 26th, the Lytchett Matravers Family of Churches is planning an exhibition in the Village Hall on the theme of ‘Home’.

See Art Home

You don’t have to be ‘An Artist’ (or ‘a Churchgoer’) to take part; you just have to be someone who thinks and is willing to put that thought into a design, an interactive experience, a flower arrangement, an illustration, an installation, a model, a poem, a painting, a photograph, a recording, a sculpture, a video… or any other kind of exhibit that you can think of!
There will also be some space for demonstrating crafts (food related or not) that might be found happening in your kitchen. The back door is the limit!
Please share your thoughts! If you think you might be interested in taking part in any way, please contact Adrian Russell on 01202 623225, or preferably by email – – or drop the slip from the link below into 60 High Street, by Sunday 17th January if possible.

There will be a meeting for everyone who wants to get involved, at 7.30pm on Thursday 21 January in the Methodist Chapel.

Do You Think flyer