An Easter Trail with a difference…

Well Done for finding our Easter Trail webpage, we hope you have fun finding our 8 Easter stations and learning more of the Easter story.

At each station you can scan the QR code and watch an ‘eyewitness’ video of a Bible character who was involved in that part of the story.

Scan to watch a short ‘eyewitness’ video

For those without a smartphone, or who are not able to watch the films out and about…

Visit our Virtual Easter Trail here.

Or to follow the trail click on the map below to make it larger:

We hope you have fun, and if you manage to see all 8 do collect an edible prize from the entrance to the Rectory.👍😀

Click to join our Easter services here, including our Good Friday Online Service which will feature some of the videos from the trail.

🐣Happy Easter!🐣

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