Heating Update November 2016

Our new heating system has now been fitted. Thank you to all who have contributed money, time and talents towards this first phase of our refreshment of the church. Special thanks must go to Bill and Elizabeth Carter who head up the Fabric team and kept the momentum going whilst wading through red tape and regulations aplenty.

Also special thanks to Anne Brown who secured a big grant from the Erskine-Muton Trust by virtue of her persistence and hard work. We are also indebted to the Fundraising team who have raised money and awareness around the village and further afield through fun and enjoyable social events.

We still welcome donations towards our heating project and also towards future phases or our ongoing refreshment of the church building.

Come and feel for yourselves at our services on Sunday 27th November.

Heating Update October 30th 2016

Prior to the work on our heating system starting there will be an opportunity to pray around the church on Sunday 6th November from 6-7pm. Come and gather to pray for different parts of the church.

We will pray both for safety during the works and for a re‑imagining of how we can use our church once the heating is installed and on into the future.

Heating Update September 18th 2016

The PCC is applying for further grants for the heating but will still have a considerable financial shortfall so keep it coming! The Standing Committee is meeting on September 21st to decide which quote to accept; work in the church should start on 7th November and hopefully be complete by 20th November although evensong that Sunday will be held in the Methodist Church in case of an overrun.

Heating Update August 18th 2016

Our Architect and two representatives from Martin Thomas Associates visited the church on Monday morning to determine where the new heaters should go. They would like to use a different make of heater. This would require speaking to the DAC once again, asking for a variation to the original plan.  Everyone says that it shouldn’t hold us up too much but we are already working to a tight time scale.  Please could you pray for the PCC and the DAC in making this decision.

Please continue to do all you can to raise the funds for the heaters so lack of finance does not cause a further delay.

Heating Update June 22nd 2016

We are really pleased that the DAC agreed we can put in a formal application for the Farho Heaters which would go down each side of the church. That formal application had to be in by the 24th June for a meeting the 15th July. Please pray for the contractor, the mechanical and electrical consultants and the Archdeacon as he continues to support us through this process. Also please support all fundraising efforts as we do not want lack of funds to be why we can’t get the work done in time for the winter which is our goal.

Church Heating Update June 5th 2016

The DAC have agreed in principle to the temporary installation of a number of Black Radiant Heaters.  During a meeting with Electric Heating Solutions (who would supply and install these) on Tuesday, a possible permanent alternative solution was mentioned.  The alternative heaters are wall mounted at ground level, would blend in well and would be far less disruptive to the fabric of the building.  They are slightly more expensive but at the PCC meeting it was decided to explore these further.  Please pray that we would know the right questions to ask and be guided to the best solution for the Church.

Meeting With The Archdeacon

The Fabric team have had discussions with the Archdeacon and the Rural Dean / Team Rector at St Mary’s to explain where we are with the reordering.  Having explained the path we have followed over the last 12-18 months, we showed the Archdeacon The Ven Antony MacRow-Wood around the church so he had a good idea of what a lovely centre of worship it is and how it could become more flexible in its use.  We adjourned to a warmer environment to discuss the options and at the following PCC meeting he asked us how we would feel if the first phase was a temporary heating system which could be put in place relatively cheaply, so the church wouldn’t need to close and then work out what the ideal long term solution is together with fundraising for a larger project.  The PCC felt that would be a good option but now it has to be put to the DAC.

Please pray for a workable solution.