Welcome to our @11 virtual worship journey…

More than a livestream, this page will grow during the week and be ready for your journey through, with whoever you are with, on Sunday morning at 11am.

This Sunday – March 22nd – is Mothering Sunday.

Here is an opening prayer we can say together:

God of love, passionate and strong, tender and careful: watch over us and hold us all the days of our life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Let’s continue with a couple of opening songs to sing along to:

Here’s our Bible story for today, on this Mothering Sunday it tells of an amazing Mum called Hannah. You can read about her in 1 Samuel chapter 1, or watch this video story:

Here are a few thoughts to think about.

This beginning of the story of Samuel is about him being a longed for child and then being given to serve God in the temple with old Eli the priest. it reminds me a bit of the first day at a new school, mum or dad saying goodbye and then a separation between parent and child that can be hard, especially at the start of the school journey when the child has been at home for 4/5 years. At least school is only for one day and then the parent and child can reconnect at the end of the day.

Hannah would not see Samuel for a year, then we read that she took a new tunic for him, I hope he didn’t grow too much in the year! There was a big separation between Hannah and Samuel but it was all part of God’s big picture, because Samuel was going to bring God’s people the israelites back into relationship with him – he was going to remind them to pray and trust God. Samuel became a priest and prophet connecting God and his people.

Now we are in a time of isolation, not being able to visit our family or friends, not even able to go to church. It is a very difficult time and we feel a bit cut off from people. But I think God wants to show us, through this story and others, that he is all about reconnecting, reconnecting with his people the Israelites and eventually, through Jesus, reconnecting to the whole world, to all who trust in him. Jesus’ cross is the sign that Jesus died to bring us back to God, to fill the gap in our separation caused by the wrong choices we have made and will make. Jesus enables us to reconnect with God and to trust him, to have hope that he has the whole world in his hands.

So in this time of separation, I wonder whether we can focus on doing some reconnection – reconnecting to God, reconnecting to one another.

How might you reconnect with God this week? say a prayer, sing a worship song, read a bible story, spend some time in quiet thinking about him

How might you reconnect with those around you this week? You might play a game together, go for a walk, look at a tree, or make some cakes or a creative picture.

You could try this great crafty prayer idea from Kat, Eva, Jae and Chris, which would be a great place to start your reconnecting…

Today our prayer activity today needs:

  • wax crayons,
  • a big sheet of paper,
  • a smaller sheet of contrasting colour,
  • and a hairdryer!

Or you could use pens and/or coloured pencils.

Watch and join in our prayers together
Here is the colour key for your prayers.

What a great activity, if you wish you could send any prayer pictures you make to me at vicar@smlm.co.uk and I can publish them on our @11 Facebook page.

As you pray you may like to play this closing song that reminds us of the nature of Jesus, he is beautiful, wonderful and powerful. Let us remember that when we pray in Jesus’ name we connect to the almighty God who knows us each by name, he knows the hairs on our head, the words on our lips, our worries and our joys.

So let us close in prayer:

Jesus, bless us with a sense of your presence and a sense of your peace as continue our journey with you this week. Thank you that you never leave us but lead us like a shepherd, through the challenges and struggles into the green pastures beyond. By your Holy Spirit come and sow seeds of your living hope in us, a hope we can share with all who we come into contact with. And may the blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit be with us all and remain with us and those we love and pray for, now and forevermore. Amen.

Thank you for joining us on the journey, do pop back to this page next week for another @11 worship journey together.