Thank You for joining this At11 Worship journey, prepared this week by Stephen the Vicar of St Mary’s. Do scroll down and watch each video in whatever order you would like…

Let us spend some time praising God and recognising he is with us every step of the way…


Bless the Lord Oh My soul

Here is our story for today, brought to you through the medium of Playmobil and the voice acting of Carrie, Ben and Zac…


and here are my thoughts on this story that you can read in Luke’s Gospel chapter 24 verses 13-35.

If you want to continue thinking about this passage I have prepared some questions and ideas with I will send out this afternoon to those on our email list, if you are not subscribed but would like to be click here

Next, here is an activity all the family can to continue to focus on God’s guidance on our walking:

You may like to recall your favourite verses in the Bible that reference walking with God, or you could visit a webpage that gives some possibilities, such as this one.

Do spend some time in prayer – for those who are not able to walk far, perhaps just around their houses. Also for those who walk in dangerous places especially those caring for the sick and their families at this time.

Here’s a song to listen to as we close, bless you today and all those you connect with.